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5. Legal Tech Investments and Consolidation (Nov 2019)

5. Legal Tech Investments and Consolidation (Nov 2019)

With investments in the legal technology space exceeding the billion-dollar mark in both 2018 and 2019 and consolidation heating up in the sector, Hamza speaks to Ben Meyer (Partner at Hg Capital, leading on Legal Tech investments) and Matt Peers (COO at Linklaters) on these developments. They discuss what makes the sector so attractive from an investor perspective, whether the proliferation of legal tech companies and rising investments in the space are creating a bubble, and they delve into Hg’s investments in to legal tech companies Litera Microsystems, Workshare Transact and Doxly. They also discuss new technology platforms, what kind of technologies Linklaters is looking at and the advent of law firms as tech producers. This episode was recorded in November 2019. 

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