Bac & Teria 1

Bac & Teria 1

Our pair is swept away to a strange place. This episode is not explicit. Written by Paul Lonsdale, produced by Vin Ernst, performed by Vin Ernst, David S. Dear, and Karin Heimdahl TRANSCRIPT Man [Entering doorway] Honey I'm home! Woman [Shouting from upstairs] Don't forget to wash your hands! Man Doing it! [Squirting soap on hands] Germ #1 - Teria (female) Oh my gosh, what is this?! Germ #2 - Bac (male) I don't know but it's sticky, eww [Sound of water from tap] Teria Noooo, Bac! Don't leave me Bac [Fading] I'll miss you Teria! Teria [Fading] I'm right behind youuuuu Bac [In a tunnel] Ooo it’s gone all dark. Bac & Teria by Paul Lonsdale

Duration: 1 min

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