Teenage Central High - Algo-Rhythm

Teenage Central High - Algo-Rhythm

Hockett's having trouble figuring out who to take to the dance on Friday. This episode is not explicit. Written by David S. Dear; performed by Jas LaFond, Steven LaFond, and Jacque Dear TRANSCRIPT PIP Who are you taking to the dance on Friday? HOCKETT Well, it's a toss-up between Scotty French and Tammy Twinlake. PIP Tough choice. How are you going to decide? HOCKETT Well I wrote an algorithm that factors in popularity, dancing skills, what kind of car they drive, clique associations, and SAT scores. PIP And hotness. Don't forget the hotness factor. HOCKETT Oh yeah. That complicates things. (beat) You know what? I'll just take my twin brother. Music: Aspire by Scott Holmes

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