Livin' it up in Singapore

Living it up in Lion City!

"Livin' it up in Lion City!" is a podcast about life in the sunny island of Singapore, where friends and I talk about our experiences and our takes on stuff happening on this little red dot. I'm a guy from India living in Singapore for close to a decade, and this podcast is an attempt at understanding Singapore outside of the old and tired narratives that it's "boring", "soul-less", "lacking culture" etc etc. While I generally disagree with such sentiments, I find that these opinions are widely held, both among Singaporeans and foreigners, so this is a loose exercise at finding out why. Emphasis on the word "loose" - in the end, it's just a bunch of friends and I having a coupla beers and talking about anything and everything. We're not experts, celebrities, or captains of industry - this is all about regular conversations, with regular people. Hope you enjoy this little podcast!

Episodes: 26

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