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Episode 7 - From GDP to GNH

Episode 7 - From GDP to GNH

Countries around the world are fixated on growing their economies - but is growth doing more harm than good? In this episode, Richard Heinberg discusses the history behind how GDP growth came to be used as a measure of success, why GDP can't continue growing indefinitely, and why it's time to transition to a better metric - one that better reflects human and ecological well-being. Related links:- On our blog: 'Life in a degrowth economy, and why you might actually enjoy it'- On our blog: 'From growth to degrowth: a brief history'- Richard's articles on the Post Carbon Institute website- Richard's articles on Resilience.org- Much more detail about the Jevons Paradox- A PDF version of Limits to GrowthMusic used:Chris Zabriskie: "Cylinder Three", "Is That You or Are You You?", "Readers! Do You Read" (CC BY 4.0); Kevin Macleod: "Windswept" (CC BY 3.0); Tri-Tachyon: "Edge of the Wastelands" and Circus Marcus: "Beethoven - Bagatelle op.119 nº9" (CC BY-NC 4.0)

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