Dominic Gabriel

Episode 12 | "How To: Dating, Soaking & Urban Dictionary Sex"

Episode 12 | "How To: Dating, Soaking & Urban Dictionary Sex"

I’m not a religious guy ya know, (holy boys). But let’s say you’re in church and the dude sitting next to you nudges you and goes “hey I soaked Susan last night”. Ummmm that’s odd. You just stuck your peen into her vagine and let it marinate for 36 minutes and 18 seconds? That’s nasty Preston. I’m triggered that you felt the need to even bring that up to me like I wanna talk about you resting your cock in her crock pot HUH? You think that your life is sooooo interesting that ME, DOM would wanna hear about that weird shit!?! fuck I’m heated now bro, I’m absolutely fuc- DONT TOUCH ME DUDE. I’m out, I’m leaving. Where was I going with this? ummm IDK fuck it. Ya’ll ever heard of an Alabama Hot Pocket?In this episode, the loyal boys discuss ROM COM DOM’s first date etiquette, dogs, and almond milk. They do a deep dive into the different ways they approach dating girls. Matt hates the recent heat wave and Dom is pulling the sexual act of “soaking”.

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