Dominic Gabriel

Episode 16 | "Why Can't Guys Ask Guys To Be Friends?"

Episode 16 | "Why Can't Guys Ask Guys To Be Friends?"

You ever be out, and meet a guy, but like your’e a guy and he’s cool and you’re like damn, this would be dope to hang again…stop, why are you laughing? don’t laugh while your reading this. This time i’m serious. Ya’ll read these descriptions and laugh at my trials and tribulations and I’m getting sick of it. I have plenty of friends I just wouldn’t mind another. ok Joban. Laters on the menjay.In this episode the guys discuss girls getting flown out, where to find decent girls & OPERATION 5 STAR. Matt wants you guys to stop trying to sell him OVO tickets and Dom talks about his amazing time at a Cannabis Party. They also deep dive into the question “why can’t guys ask guys to be friends?”. INDULGE LOYAL BOYS AND GIRLS!!

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