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Episode 17 | "What Would You Do For A Kentucky Klondike Bar?"

Episode 17 | "What Would You Do For A Kentucky Klondike Bar?"

WARNING OUR GROSSEST AND MANLIEST EPISODE YETAlright, so first off I’d recommend not answering that question before you listen to this week’s episode. Secondly, WE GOT OUR EDGE BACK. Ya’ll have been asking for weeks, where’s our favourite segment that wasn’t really a segment but it was funny and ya’ll never did again?! Well….I hope we’re thinking about the same thing cause if you listen and you were expecting some other segment that wasn’t really a segment to make a come back…..then…fuck. I guess you should just suck it up cause you don’t own me, I’m my own individual and I can do what I want with this podcast. Unless you unsubscribe and give us bad reviews then I guess I should listen….Ive never been great at taking orders from others, probably has to do with my lack of a father figure in my life and is deep-……what was I talking about again? Fuck I’m getting bad with these descriptions, I should probably plan these out. FUCK YOU DAD.sorry about that….so…..In this episode, the boys discuss, going solo to the movies, running and share some 5 star reviews. Dom is having issues with “Deload Weeks” at the gym and Matt is not feeling the new armpit hair trend. And “URBAN DICTIONARY WITH DOM” RETURNS. INDULGE, LOYAL/SINGLE BOYS AND GIRLS!

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