Warren Miller Entertainment

Long Underwear

"Long Underwear" aims to strip off the layers, chip away at stereotypes and sponsorship stories, and get to know what makes professional skiers, snowboarders and industry personalities tick. From the highs and lows to the pet peeves, to the daily lives and hilarious stories. Nothing is off limits, except the one rule: after introductions, there are no more mentions of skiing or snowboarding allowed. Join host and professional skier Amie Engerbretson as she gets to know the people underneath the ski gear. So, get comfy, it’s Warren Miller Entertainment’s “Long Underwear”.

Episodes: 29


Leah Evans

Duration: 42 min

Griffin Post

Duration: 41 min

Hilaree Nelson

Duration: 33 min

Michelle Parker

Duration: 34 min

Ted Ligety

Duration: 34 min

Steven Nyman

Duration: 37 min

Glen Plake

Duration: 41 min

Caite Zeliff

Duration: 33 min

Rob Kingwill

Duration: 45 min

Cam FitzPatrick

Duration: 27 min

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