Three Altars

Three Altars

This our first In-Person service back since the Covid-19 began and our church shut down regular services for virtual over 3 months ago. In our church like much of the world it there has been so much change, so much to go through during that time. While we didn't know when we would come back we trusted in the promise of God that we would come back. This sermon is about how to deal with walking into the promises that God has given us. Joshua laid 3 sets of stones early in the book, 3 altars if you will. These altars marked either meetings with God, or moments of great change that were to be remembered by the people. These are three altars that Joshua laid that tell a narrative that our world needs to hear today. I. The Altar of Deliverance. (Jos. 4:4-8), II. The Altar of Difference. (Jos. 4:9-10), III. The Altar of Defiance. (Jos. 7:24-26)

Duration: 34 min

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