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The Price of Silence | 3

The Price of Silence | 3

Episode 3: A teenage girl sits down to play piano and is surprised by an intruder. As victims seek help, they find that the law and society are not always on their side.Learn more about the story, sign up for new episode alerts and go behind the scenes at latimes.com/mitwMan In The Window is presented by SimplisafeProtect your home with a new home security system with Simplisafe. Man In The Window listeners get free shipping and a 60-day money back guarantee at Simplisafe.com/windowOther sponsors include:Squarespace - Get a free trial at squarespace.com/window and 10% off when you launch with code WINDOWParachute - Get free shipping and returns on premium quality home essentials at parachutehome.com/windowZip Recruiter - Start your free trial today at ZipRecruiter.com/windowThredUp - Get 30% off your first order when you visit them at ThredUp.com/window

Duration: 42 min

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