Manly Movie Monday



“Very good. But brick not PODCAST back.” The gang has another Manly Movie “first” with our first flick featuring the Muscles from Brussels himself, Jean-Claude van Damme, in his first starring role: Bloodsport! In a definitely-not-true story, we marvel at JCVD’s earth-shattering splits, Forest Whitaker’s confusing presence in this film, and the longest flashback sequence in film history! Reach the show at! 0:00 - A Matt-less Introduction 2:09 - John describes the movie in one sentence 4:41 - What are the best lines? 6:20 - Nitpicking Moments, JCVD’s “brief nudity,” and Forest Whitaker’s in this movie 12:51 - Half-Assed Internet Research 20:33 - What was the most implausible part? 25:53 - What was the best finishing move? (feat. the Best Movies about Fighting) 29:50 - What would be your personal fighting style? 31:22 - When would you fail or turn back? 32:55 - The John Matrix Award for Best Name 34:21 - Who is the best spin-off character? 36:00 - Villain Danger Rating (feat. Kent vs. Planet Fitness) 39:40 - Rate the movie! (feat. JCVD's star power) 44:17 - Parting thoughts and next week's episode: LETHAL WEAPON!

Duration: 46 min

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