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Jingle All The Way

Jingle All The Way

“What do I need the PODCAST for, I’ve got the real Turbo Man at home!” The gang is feeling the Christmas cheer as Arnold Schwarzenegger and 90’s Sinbad scramble to get their children a cherished doll in this festive 1996 classic, Jingle All the Way! We wonder if Arnold actually learned a lesson in this film, if there was a Sinbad genie movie called Kazaam, and the lengths we would go to procure a Turbo Man! Reach the show at: Twitter: @manlymoviemon 0:00 - Intro 2:00 - John describes the movie in one sentence 3:37 - What are the best lines? 6:47 - Sinbad and the Mandela Effect 9:24 - Best sequences 10:16 - Half Assed Internet Research 16:39 - What was the most implausible part? 22:20 - The John Matrix Award 23:09 - Who is the best spin-off character? 25:50 - Villain Danger Rating 27:50 - Did Arnold learn a lesson? 30:10 - When would you fail or turn back? 34:57 - Manliness of the movie? 36:09 Rate the movie! 37:33 - Parting thoughts and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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