Manly Movie Monday



“Pop quiz, hot PODCAST!” The gang takes an implausibly fast bus ride through a suspiciously traffic-less downtown Los Angeles while reviewing the 1994 action-packed thrill ride: SPEED! We argue if a bus could do what the movie asserts it can, if the movie holds up, if Dennis Hopper is a dangerous man or not, and many more points of contention! 0:00 - Intro 1:38 - John describes the movie in one sentence 3:38 - What are the best lines? 6:10 - What was the most implausible part? 8:24 - What was the dumbest death? 10:57 - What death would you have preferred? 12:53 - Could you survive what happens in Speed? 16:00 - Villain danger rating (feat. more needless relitigation over the 4-point rating system!) 20:51 - Keanu Reeves vs. Sandra Bullock — hotter now or hotter in 1994? 21:47 - Rate the movie! 23:33 - Thanks and next week’s episode: POINT BREAK!

Duration: 25 min

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