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Earthships Seattle w/ Jamie Carma Owens

Earthships Seattle w/ Jamie Carma Owens

Our hosts were joined today by Jamie Carma Owens, co-founder of Earthship Seattle, a new organization that seeks to educate and pave the way for radically sustainable buildings. How can we learn more about alternative ways of living, and not just alternative facts? We begin with the many current events from the week. The Injustice Boycotts full court press to #raisetheage and make sure the tragedy to Kalief Browder doesn't happen again. We spoke about the congressional hearing of Betsy Devos, the inauguration of President Trump, his administrations use of alternative facts, and the push back from 2.9 women/men all over the country who marched the next day. Join us as we always remain, many ways at once.

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