Standing Out in the Mobile App World with Katie Jansen, CMO of AppLovin

Standing Out in the Mobile App World with Katie Jansen, CMO of AppLovin

How many games are there in the app store? And how many of those are you actually aware of? That is the question that AppLovin poses to game developers who are trying to find ways to get their apps in front of the right people. Katie Jansen is the CMO of AppLovin and on this episode of Marketing Trends, she discusses with us the strategies and tools they use to help bring more awareness to all the apps in the mobile world, and how they built up their own model for success at the company. 3 Takeaways:   In building a marketplace, AppLovin has to keep the developer top of mind Because things move and change so fast in the world of mobile, it’s important to focus on making a great product rather than finding the right audience Most game developers aren’t focused on monetization — that’s where AppLovin comes in   --- Marketing Trends podcast is brought to you by Salesforce. Discover marketing built on the world’s number one CRM: Salesforce. Put your customer at the center of every interaction. Automate engagement with each customer. And build your marketing strategy around the entire customer journey. Salesforce. We bring marketing and engagement together. Learn more at salesforce.com/marketing.  To learn more or subscribe to our weekly newsletter, visit MarketingTrends.com.

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