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Marketplace Roundtable #72: The Data-Driven Approach To Finding Investment Ideas, With Andres Cardenal

Marketplace Roundtable #72: The Data-Driven Approach To Finding Investment Ideas, With Andres Cardenal

Andres Cardenal rejoins the Seeking Alpha Marketplace Roundtable podcast to discuss his investment strategy as featured in the Data Driven Investor research service. Cardenal, who has been investing since 2002, uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. He finds that the quality of a company's management team to be one metric that can be particularly telling. Recently this led him to pen a bullish thesis on Uber (UBER). "Management is explicitly saying that they are accelerating the profitability targets," he says. "I wouldn't be surprised to see the company make big improvements over coming quarters." Cardenal also pays close attention to macro variables. Here he views the environment as relatively benign. China is "a big piece of the puzzle" however. The country was hurt by the trade war last year and is now reeling from the coronavirus. This provides an excuse to the People's Bank of China and other central banks to pump more liquidity into markets. "This could be a game changer, on a number of sectors," says Cardenal. These comments came before the latest sell-off in equity markets, as the podcast was recorded on Feb. 19. Topics Covered: 1:45 minute mark - Investing strategy 2:45 - Something you've learned over time 4:30 - Discussion of bullish call on Uber (UBER) 7:00 - How does the current market compare to previous markets and what's something you've learned over the past year? 8:45 - How much attention do you pay to macro variables? 10:15 - What are you watching at this point? 12:00 - Are you concerned about a broader slow down in China? 13:00 - Are you looking at any stocks in particular regarding China? (BABA) 14:30 - Something that scares you about the markets. 16:00 - What will be the effect of negative interest rates? 19:30 - What is something that gives you confidence in your approach? 20:30 - Favorite ideas 25:00 - Discussion of AYX Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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