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Got Pollution? Be the Solution! | Winnie McHenry (Upcycle | Founder)

Got Pollution? Be the Solution! | Winnie McHenry (Upcycle | Founder)

Winners - not binners. That was the first thought when finding out what Winnie 'Upcycle' McHenry was up to. Landfills are filling up to capacity. There's plastic pollution in our oceans. The 70s and 80s notion of 'consume, consume, consume' is not only outdated, but should be outlawed! Fortunately there are some people who are doing something drastic (and not just by cutting the plastic). Winnie holds close to the thought - Don't throw away. It can be used in some other way. And she's training people - up-skilling them - to think the same and how to do the same. And create their own businesses. She shares with us how we, and corporates, can be less wasteful and more environmentally conscious, and creative with the waste we create. Visit Winnie's website and be part of the change If you're ready to produce your own podcast, contact the podcast experts at

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