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Does the Gender Wage Gap Exist?

Does the Gender Wage Gap Exist?

The Gender Wage Gap has become a major political talking point that has even inspired an “Equal Pay Day.” Despite what the liberal politicians say, however, does a Gender Wage Gap really exist in America? This week, Samantha Renck talks with Romina Boccia, a leading fiscal and economic expert at the Heritage Foundation. They discuss the difference between the gender wage gap and the gender choice gap, victimhood mentality, and much more. In this innovative series Samantha debunks the most common myths plaguing the youngest generations of Americans. From socialism, the electoral college, and the rise of identity politics, Samantha combines “man on the street” -style interviews from around Washington, D.C. with personal stories and expert analysis on every binge-worthy weekly episode. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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