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Is Medicare for All a Realistic Goal in America?

Is Medicare for All a Realistic Goal in America?

Medicare for All has dominated the health care scene for years, yet questions about a feasible payment plan and the impact on patients remain unanswered. On this week's episode, host Samantha Renck talks with Meridian Baldacci about the real cost of a government-mandated healthcare program, what it would look like for patients, and more.Baldacci is a research assistant in domestic policy studies at the Heritage Foundation.In this innovative series Samantha Renck debunks the most common myths plaguing the youngest generations of Americans.From socialism, the electoral college, and the rise of identity politics, Samantha combines “man on the street” -style interviews from around Washington, D.C. with personal stories and expert analysis on every binge-worthy weekly episode. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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