Mistakes Were Made

Ep. 1: An Introduction

Ep. 1: An Introduction

 It's finally here! We invite you to join us in a new type of discussion that is long overdue. In the first episode, we discuss how we got to this point and why we are doing all of this. Further episodes will delve into specific scientific principles we are looking to blow wide open, the value in trying without remorse, and why challenging the status quo is such an important task that every single human being on this planet needs to start on.    Links below are for Franks profile on Quora and some questions he has answered. Frank is the most viewed user in Simulation Theory on Quora and is in talks with Ph.D.'s around the world, all interested to hear what we have to say. Enjoy, and please start a conversation with us!    https://www.quora.com/profile/Frank-P...  https://qr.ae/TWN5Vn 

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