Modern American Slave

In cases of separation, custody and divorce; people often say:

In cases of separation, custody and divorce; people often say: "There’s his side of the story, her side, and then the truth is somewhere in the middle." We're going to challenge that notion and say that no, it is not the case at all. There’s the truth, and then there is the degree to which a pathological individual will go to in order to destroy someone for the sake of financial gain. The truth still lies exactly where it was. This is a podcast about today's indentured servants - divorced non-custodial and alienated parents, and the children away from whom they are torn. Follow the story as we navigate divorce, custody, and the legal ramifications surrounding it. Parts 1-3 set the background, 4-7 cover the issues, and the final four episodes conclude with the trial itself.

Episodes: 13


Season 2 Preview

Duration: 7 min

The Trial Part 4: Nicole

Duration: 58 min

The Trial Part 3: The Cross Examination

Duration: 32 min

The Trial Part 2: Nathan Speaks

Duration: 43 min

The Trial Part 1: Dr. Chamberlain

Duration: 43 min

A Diagnosis to Fear

Duration: 1 hr 14 min

Free at Last

Duration: 56 min


Duration: 38 min

The Cracks Appear

Duration: 49 min

The Asylum

Duration: 22 min

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