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248 | How to Work Less & Make More - with James Wedmore

248 | How to Work Less & Make More - with James Wedmore

You’re in for a TREAT because you have the opportunity to hear from my very own mentor, James Wedmore. For the last ten years, James taught entrepreneurs and online business owners how to leverage the power of video and YouTube to reach more people, share their message, and convert more customers. In 2016, James made a massive shift to focus on a big gap missing in the marketplace — the mindset needed for entrepreneurship. He launched the Mind Your Business Podcast ( and his signature program, Business By Design. Today he helps coaches, experts, content creators, and authors not only to craft better marketing messages but also to ditch the hustle mentality and create success from the inside out. He has some counterintuitive advice around the hustle and how much, or how hard, you need to work to be successful. You Will Hear About: [04:00] Who James Wedmore is and what he does [05:30] Working less and doing more [16:22] How to have a conversation with yourself and create new beliefs [28:26] The rules that six-figure earners need to move on from [34:36] How to trust the process [45:56] Not labeling things as hard [52:31] Talking about mindset and showing up Resources: Learn more: ( Listen: ( Instagram: ( Facebook: ( YouTube: ( ( Are you enjoying the show? I want to know! Click here to leave a review on Apple Podcasts ( Mommy Millionaire is a production of (

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