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250 | Activated by God to Love All People

250 | Activated by God to Love All People

“When love is the motivator, love becomes the activator.” Listen as Cayla and her guest Melinda Watts discuss The Mommy Millionaire Podcast. ( Melinda is an American Urban contemporary gospel artist and musician. She started her music career in 2009 with her first album ‘People Get Ready,’ which climbed up the Billboard Magazine charts. Melinda is a wife, a mom of two, and a huge voice in the black community. She is known for raising people up and forward to move them in a different direction with love. Listen as Cayla and Melinda speak about things they do to recharge like hot baths to recharge the body and prayer, and meditation to recharge the soul. Melinda shares ways that she believes people can make a stand without shame, and how the Black Lives Matter movement is making people stop, think, listen, and shout so that voices will be heard. Is love an activator in your life? When you love yourself, it overflows and allows you to love other people better. Push yourself when you feel uncomfortable and remember to keep the end in mind because once we are in heaven, we will be brothers and sisters, so why not start now? In This Episode: [03:45] Welcome to the show, Melinda! [03:59] Cayla shares how she connected with Melinda. [05:07] Melinda speaks about being a voice for men and women who have the privilege and show them they could use that privilege for good. [07:34] Melinda shares how she is feeling emotionally about everything that is happening around the world. [08:53] Listen as Melinda shares some things she has done to recharge. [10:03] Melinda speaks about ways to pray and recharge the soul. [10:43] What do you do for meditation? [13:30] Melinda says that it is ok to ask God to surrender your need for control. [14:44] Melinda discusses how you can take a stand without shaming other people. [17:20] Cayla asks Melinda, what can I, as a white woman with influence, can do to help the movement? [20:48] Cayla shares about an event she had where all the speakers were white and brown, and she didn’t realize it until later. [23:55] “Once we are aware of something, we can transform it.” [25:18] Melinda describes what she means by the statement, “when love is the motivator, love becomes the activator.” [28:35] What does love look like daily with your husband? [29:53] Melinda speaks about being a mom, trying to keep mom guilt at bay and loving her kids equally even though they are so different. [32:12] Melinda shares the conversations she has had with her children about being black. [34:09] Melinda speaks about how she was raised and that her parents taught her about being proud of who she was. [36:39] How important do you think it is for Christians to surround themselves in an environment that reminds you of who you are? [38:24] Melinda shares what people can do to push themselves through uncomfortable situations. [41:40] Thank you so much, Melinda, for taking the time to be on the show today! [42:40] Thank you for listening to the show! Find Cayla: Mommy Millionaire ( Mastermind ( Facebook ( Instagram ( Pinterest ( Find Melinda: Melinda Watts ( Instagram ( Facebook ( Twitter ( Available to You ( by Melinda Watts (ft J. Moss)

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