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251 | Living a Life of True Prosperity

251 | Living a Life of True Prosperity

What is real prosperity? Your host Cayla Craft says that you can’t have true prosperity unless you are following your mission, passion, and purpose. The definition of prosperity is having an abundance of love, joy, peace, and money prosperity is having that multiplied. True prosperity is realizing that you are living an abundant life and saying thank you, I am open and ready to receive more, thank you for all the good that is coming my way, and I am deeply fulfilled by all the work I am doing in the world right now. You are now ready to unlock the gates and let it all flow in even more. It’s always a choice of mindset. Mindset is a simple strategy for prosperity and to having luxury and having an enjoyable life, and it starts with you. Remember, God whispers until everything in your life starts to scream at you! You will hear:[00:49] Welcome to the show! [01:26] What is real prosperity? [01:52] Cayla doesn’t believe you can have true prosperity unless you are happy. [02:13] Cayla gives her definition of prosperity. [03:10] Mommy millionaires, are you living on passion, on purpose, and are you fulfilled? [04:01] Cayla says it is always about mindset! It starts with you. [06:23] God whispers at you until everything in your life starts to scream at you. [07:38] Cayla shares a story about her family getting a boat. [08:51] Be willing to question what you have always stood for. [09:26] Cayla says to do whatever you can to feel peace and happiness through experiences. [09:50] Never doubt that what you desire is yours. Connect with Cayla: YouTube ( Join the Mommy Millionaire Community ( Are you enjoying the show? I want to know! Click here to leave a review on Apple Podcasts ( Mommy Millionaire is a production of Crate Media (

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