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252 | Face-Off with Billy Boughey

252 | Face-Off with Billy Boughey

“People long for connection, and they long for growth.” Listen, as Cayla and her guest, Billy Boughey, do things a little differently in this episode, they do a face-off. They talk about Billy’s use of events to enhance organizational culture, and how to pivot and create something completely different in this age of COVID-19. Billy is Culture Reconstructed ( in January 2020. Listen as Cayla and Billy ask each other questions and share insights into their lives, families, and businesses. They speak about virtual summits, how to price products during this time, how Cayla’s relationship with her husband has changed, and how Billy entertains his three kids. The more you focus on just being you, the brighter your light will shine. Both Billy and Cayla are very spiritual people, and they know that God is in control. They use that knowledge to guide them in what they do and how they live their lives. They want to help people become their best selves and are using this show today to share their stories, hoping something they say will lift you up and help you through this crazy pandemic time. In This Episode [03:15] Welcome to the show, Billy [05:46] Billy speaks about a quote his wife shared and what it means. [07:28] Billy says there will be a new season of refined businesses. [07:50] Cayla speaks about her new product under $1000. [08:57] Billy reflects on when he first heard about the pandemic. [09:33] Cayla shares why her company is having success right now. [11:16] Billy talks about when he was in middle school, he and some friends mowed lawns for money. [13:22] How do you think about energy and the exchange of value when you are pricing things? [15:11] Cayla speaks about how she and her husband deal with business, marriage, and kids. [17:40] Billy shares an assessment that he loves that radically transforms relationships. [18:19] When you hear the word experience, what do you think of? [19:23] Billy speaks about his relationship with God. [21:35] The most success a student will have in school is choral singing. [23:42] Billy shares how often he sings to his team at work. [25:08] Billy talks about virtual summits and why people should attend. [26:04] Energy, community, and connection are the three things that every event must-have. [28:00] Billy has some free training to help you with virtual events. Go to ( to get yours today. [30:39] Listen as Billy shared his fears when the pandemic and shutdowns happened. [33:21] Is this happening to you or happening for you? [34:32] Whatever you think about now is what you will bring more of in your life. [35:21] Cayla speaks about getting her breast implants removed. [37:16] Billy wants to build a world with no unequipped leaders; he wants people to have the tools they need. [39:05] Cayla shares her mission of helping a million women become millionaires. [41:42] In your life, are you striving to create more light, or are you striving to create more heat? [44:23] Billy is permitting himself to turn the next chapter in his life over the next year. [47:01] Cayla says that the person with the mic makes the most money. [49:30] Billy and Cayla do a little hot-seat Q&A to close out the show. [51:39] Billy shares all the virtual summits and online training they have going on. [52:12] Thank you so much for being on the show!  [52:51] Cayla shares her takeaway from this conversation with Billy. Find Cayla: Mommy Millionaire ( Mastermind ( Facebook ( Instagram ( Pinterest ( Find Billy Elevate Experiences ( Billy’s Free Training (

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