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254 | Corporate Burn Out to All Out Entrepreneur

254 | Corporate Burn Out to All Out Entrepreneur

“LinkedIn is just like Facebook and Instagram in that people have the attention span of a squirrel; you’ve got two to three seconds to get their attention.” Listen as Cayla and her guest, Melissa Henault, a client turned friend, discuss amazing tips for using LinkedIn to get leads in your business, on this episode of the Mommy Millionaire Podcast. Melissa is a mom of three, LinkedIn Guru, who’s also a top income earner in her Social Selling Company, through her proven business attraction methods. The North Carolina native went from a Pharm. D Medical Director in the pharmaceutical industry to a social selling expert, especially in the business builder lead generation arena through LinkedIn. Now, helping entrepreneurs in social selling makes the shift in entrepreneurship not just selling their products online, on Instagram, or Facebook, but also how to step up and 10X their businesses. Listen, as Melissa shares how she went from a pharmacist to a network marketing guru, why she hired Cayla and her Bootcamp for the LinkedIn course that she launched. Melissa discusses the number one thing she learned from her LinkedIn business, how she realized that she needed to raise her prices because of the value she provided and what her secret-sauce is for getting leads on LinkedIn. Melissa believes that people get on LinkedIn to look for possibilities, which is why she says to put on your recruiter hat when looking for leads. Make sure that your resume shows who you are and has a bold heading telling people what value you offer. Listen as Melissa offers one piece of advice for listeners to do immediately after listening to the podcast. Remember to go out there and get what you want! You will hear:[02:46] Welcome to the show, Melissa. [03:04] Melissa shares why she wanted to become a pharmacist. [05:30] Listen, as Melissa shares how she got into network marketing. [08:11] Melissa discusses how she shifted her mindset and quit her corporate job. [10:32] They speak about when and why Melissa hired Cayla. [12:29] Melissa shares about her course in training people how to work through LinkedIn. [14:29] Do you let fear hold you back? [15:00] Melissa speaks about having the mindset shift and opening herself up to jump into different directions. [17:11] Melissa shares the number one thing she has learned in her LinkedIn business. [19:20] Cayla speaks about Melissa permitting herself to raise the prices on her course. [22:56] Melissa talks about what her secret sauce is when getting leads on LinkedIn. [24:06] Melissa speaks about why putting on the recruiter hat is essential. [26:31] When you are on LinkedIn, you are looking for opportunities. [27:20] Melissa discusses how to use LinkedIn to connect with potential clients. [29:51] LinkedIn is what Facebook was ten years ago. [30:56] Listen as Melissa gives everyone one piece of advice that listeners can do immediately after they listen to this podcast. [33:48] Create specific content for LinkedIn, don’t repurpose content from Facebook or Instagram. [35:58] Melissa says that a lot of what she does is vision cast for people who are burned out in their careers. [36:32] Cayla speaks about vision casting. [39:40] Melissa says that Cayla should do drops of her podcast on LinkedIn. [41:22] Thank you for being on the show! Find Melissa: Melissa Henault ( Live The Free Life ( Courses ( LinkedIn ( Facebook ( Find Cayla: Mommy Millionaire ( Mastermind ( Facebook ( Instagram ( Pinterest (

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