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256 | Creating A New Personality At Every Level

256 | Creating A New Personality At Every Level

“When you’re committed to going where you are destined to go, you’re deciding to create a new personality.” Listen as your host Cayla shares how the last five weeks of travel, although amazing and enjoyable, have messed with her normal self-care schedule. Still, she committed to keeping her morning routine as normal as possible with some adjustments.  Cayla speaks about how, once you commit, you create new personalities at every level. It’s time to up-level and grow. How well do you know yourself? Cayla discusses getting to know yourself so well and being committed to getting into a relationship with yourself because that is where changes happen. Be prepared to buy into your own story, commit, go all-in on yourself. Cayla believes that once you are clear on your path and are committed to where you are destined to go, God will give you the tools you need to succeed. It’s not easy, but if you succeed, you will have what you have worked hard to achieve.  In This Episode [00:55] Hello mommy millionaires, welcome to the show! [01:30] Cayla speaks about traveling for the last five weeks. [03:15] Cayla shares about being distracted and trying to get in a short meditation. [03:55] Have you ever tried pilates? [04:42] Cayla speaks about up-leveling and being ready to grow. [05:22] Cayla wants us all to get super real with ourselves. [06:13] You get to decide right now, are you committed to winning? [07:53] Are you committed to buying your new story? [08:58] Thank you for listening to the show! Find Cayla: Mommy Millionaire ( Mastermind ( Facebook ( Instagram ( Pinterest (

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