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48. Go with special guest Hiko Mitsuzuka

48. Go with special guest Hiko Mitsuzuka

Our ever-growing list of 90's movies continues - we watched Go (1999) with #friendofthepod Hiko Mitsuzuka (Ep 15, Adventures in Babysitting) and we would like to talk to you about Confederated Products. This movie is quite possibly the personification of the 90's as a decade.  An extended rave, a roundtable conversation about tantric sex and a soundtrack featuring banger after banger by the likes of Len, Natalie Imbruglia and Los Del Rio; if a kid asks what the 90s were like, just show them Go. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes! Facebook/Instagram: @moviesthatmadeusgay Twitter: @MTMUGPod Hiko Mitsuzuka: Twitter/Instagram @TheFirstEcho Scott Youngbauer: Twitter @oscarscott / Instagram @scottyoungballer Peter Lozano: Twitter/Instagram @peterlasagna

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