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52. The Mummy (1999)

52. The Mummy (1999)

1999 churned out banger after banger and we’re bringing you another entry.  The winner of our Brendan Fraser lurv poll is The Mummy and we’re diggin’ this action comedy crowd pleaser.  Beside’s Brendan’s dreamy face and bangin’ bod, this movie has tons of gay touchstones.  Rachel Weisz is serving face and Patricia Velasquez is snatching trophies in the body beautiful category.  The trio of hunky American treasure hunters are the stuff of gay erotic fiction fantasy and there's more than one mincing, fussy, gay-coded British dude.  It’s Episode 52 of Movies That Made Us Gay! Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes! Facebook/Instagram: @moviesthatmadeusgay Twitter: @MTMUGPod Scott Youngbauer: Twitter @oscarscott / Instagram @scottyoungballer Peter Lozano: Twitter/Instagram @peterlasagna

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