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57. The Lost Boys with special guest Billy Roach

57. The Lost Boys with special guest Billy Roach

My own brother a vampire… you wait until mom finds out!  We watched The Lost Boys (1987) with one of our favorite straights Billy Roach.  This movie is so 80’s we can’t stand it. From insane glam rock inspired fashion and hair to the absolutely slammin soundtrack - this movie is a time capsule of the hard rockin MTV 80’s.  It’s also got so many cute boys in the cast we lost count.  We get real deep into vampire lore and Pete and Billy nerd-out over a certain vamp themed table top role-playing game.  Collectively we’ve seen this movie close to 100 times but we still have to keep telling ourselves… they’re only noodles. Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes! Facebook/Instagram: @moviesthatmadeusgay Twitter: @MTMUGPod Scott Youngbauer: Twitter @oscarscott / Instagram @scottyoungballer Peter Lozano: Twitter/Instagram @peterlasagna

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