Joan Faulkner, Joanne Bell, and Harriet Lewis

Joan Faulkner, Joanne Bell, and Harriet Lewis

Joan Faulkner and Joanne Bell join us from Germany. Harriet Lewis and Cynthia Utterbach joins us from the U.S.A. They are the Three Ladies of the Blues. The Three Ladies of Blues Shows have been exciting European audiences since 2005. The group traveled to several exotic locations with great musicians like Bobby Durham, Reggie Johnson, Doug Sides, Wayne Dockery, Sangoma Everett, and the ladies Joan Faulkner, Joanne Bell, Cynthia Utterbach, and Harriet Lewis. There was never a dull moment on or off stage. Music Director Gustav Csik said, "I’m inspired for the opportunity to share my talents with this show because the ladies always give their very best." Host:

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