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How We Can All Mutate Into an Ox.

How We Can All Mutate Into an Ox.

Welcome to EPISODE 41!Again, this week we give you a special treat!  This episode was livestreamed on Twitch! If you'd like to see the video it will be up for a limited time on RichG's Twitch Channel. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE EPISODE 42 VIDEO!This episode is a little different than most and was a lot of fun to be able to interact with the livestream viewers! Please follow the above Twitch channel if you want to see more livestreams!Take a look at our new CINEMATIC TRAILER that Mox Made! Timestamps:Hearthstone- 5 mins to 38 min 12 secMagic The Gathering- 38 mins 20 sec to  1 hour 27 minsAsk Rich: 1:27 to End.THIS WEEK!Mox takes us through the top 10 list made by Hearthstone content creator, @LiquidOxHS, on how to become a better and more consistent player. This list crosses over into any games we play and is a must listen for anyone who wants to increase their winrate at any game they play. Rich covers 3 decks that he has brewed with the release of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. There is much to brew and so much fun to be had. These few decks featuring Mutate have been a blast to play. Click these for Decklists: Mono Green   Mono Black    MUTATE MADNESSAs always thanks for joining us, please tell a friend. We really appreciate your support!Thank you so much for listening. Please JOIN US ON TWITTER, DISCORD, TWITCH & YOUTUBE! See ya next week!

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