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MTG Ikoria Deck overviews & Hearthstone Spell Druid!

MTG Ikoria Deck overviews & Hearthstone Spell Druid!

Welcome to EPISODE 41!Again, this week we give you a special treat!  This episode was livestreamed on Twitch! If you'd like to see the video it will be up for a limited time on RichG's Twitch Channel. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE EPISODE 41 VIDEO!This episode is a little different than most and was a lot of fun to be able to interact with the livestream viewers! Please follow the above Twitch channel if you want to see more livestreams!Take a look at our new CINEMATIC TRAILER that Mox Made! Timestamps:Hearthstone- 14min 50sec to 35 min 35 secMagic The Gathering- 37 mins 20 sec to end of episode.THIS WEEK! Mox covers Hearthstone news in regards to Blizzcon and the state of the convention future due to COVID concerns. She also has an awesome Spell Druid deck tech for you to destroy the ladder!RichG covers some IKORIA decks that were provided by content creator Titansfan920! He creates videos, decks and awesome MtG content. He was very nice to let us use 3 of his theorycrafted Ikoria decks to look at this episode. Please show him some support and CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS AETHERHUB PROFILE FOR DECKLISTSAs always thanks for joining us, please tell a friend. We really appreciate your support!Thank you so much for listening. Please JOIN US ON TWITTER, DISCORD, TWITCH & YOUTUBE! See ya next week! 

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