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Now is The Time For A Historic Win Streak. Hearthstone Meta Snapshot & MTG Historic!

Now is The Time For A Historic Win Streak. Hearthstone Meta Snapshot & MTG Historic!

Welcome to EPISODE 46!Again, this week we give you a special treat!  This episode was livestreamed on Twitch! If you'd like to see the video it will be up for a limited time on RichG's Twitch Channel. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE EPISODE 46 VIDEO!This episode is a little different than most and was a lot of fun to be able to interact with the livestream viewers! Please follow the above Twitch channel if you want to see more livestreams! Consider following the above Twitch channel to be notified when we stream our content! Apologies for the audio issues in the first 10 minutes of the episode but we sorted it out on the fly.Timestamps:Hearthstone- 9 mins to 43 minMagic The Gathering- 44 mins to 1 hour 27 minsStump Rich with MTG Trivia- 1 hour 27 mins to end.This week Mox talks about the meta snap shot and how to get out of a slump! What steps to take? She gives some valuable information on how to get on the right foot. Also some tips from a top Hearthstone coach.RichG covers the new Historic Anthology 3 cards and what it means for the future of the ranked ladder in MTGArena. He also shares a decklist in the Historic format that is a lot of fun but you WILL NOT make any friends with it. Be warned!Mtg Decklist: BYE BYE LANDS    Make sure to subscribe, review, share, comment, follow etc etc etc! If you enjoy watching Arena gameplay check out Rich's Twitch channel in the link below!We both thank you so much for listening! Stay safe healthy and happy! Please JOIN US ON TWITTER, DISCORD, TWITCH & YOUTUBE! See ya next week!

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