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Welcome to EPISODE 47!Again, this week we give you a special treat!  This episode was livestreamed on Twitch! If you'd like to see the video it will be up for a limited time on RichG's Twitch Channel. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE EPISODE 47 VIDEO!THIS WEEKS OUTRO MUSIC IS THE SONG "THIEVES ! (Screamed the Ghost) By Run The Jewels. Please listen to the lyrics. RIP George Floyd. Black Lives Matter.Timestamps:Hearthstone- intro to 29 minMagic The Gathering- 29 mins to 1 hour 15 minsWeird Of The Week & Off Topic - 1 hour 15 mins to end.MTG DECKLIST: Historic Mono Blue TempoThis week Mox brings attention to the ever evolving Hearthstone card Zephyrs The Great and how incredibly in depth this single card is. She also covers some tricks of the trade after getting out of last weeks slump as she makes a run at Legend! RichG Chats about the upcoming banned & restricted announcement that will happen the day after this episode is released. Also HE FINALLY HIT MYTHIC for the first time EVER! This is a huge accomplishment for him as it was one of the reasons we started this podcast! So he walks us through the last few steps and decks that got him there and the final climb was a doozy! Make sure to subscribe, review, share, comment & follow. If you enjoy watching MTGArena game-play check out Rich's Twitch channel in the link below! He runs weekly giveaways, live deck techs and plays with viewers! Its a good time.We both thank you so much for listening! Stay safe healthy and happy! Please JOIN US ON TWITTER, DISCORD, TWITCH & YOUTUBE! See ya next week!

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