President Grant's daughter Nellie

President Grant's daughter Nellie

When General Ulysses S. Grant became president he and the first lady brought their four children with them to the White House. Their daughter Nellie quickly became the toast of Washington high society."She goes off on this grand tour of Europe, which was not unusual for people in means in those days. On the way home on the ship she meets a guy by the name of Algernon Sartorious." said Dr. Robert Archibald of the Missouri History Museum.He was an Englishman by birth and as it turned out not much of a catch."Unbeknownst to poor Nellie he was kind of a neardowell. He asked Nellie to marry him and had the nerve to go to President Grant, who didn't think much of him, to ask for Nellie's hand. This is a sign of some bravery on poor Algernon's part. General Grant acquiesced and the marriage took place in the white house in the east room in May of 1874."The Grant family tried to keep the wedding a private affair. There was a three day wedding news blackout. No photos were allowed."One of Grant's real concerns was that Algernon was an Englishman and he was loathe to have his only daughter disappear to England which she did immediately after the marriage." said Dr. Robert Archibald.Years later when Grant was dying of cancer Nellie came home to be at his side. But her husband stayed in England and refused to let their children to make the trip. No wonder Nellie later asked for him for a divorce ---- but he refused. Though she was unlucky in love she caught a lucky break. Her husband died young and left her a lot of money.

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