William Bixby's House

William Bixby's House

In the turn of the 20th century William Keeney Bixby was the richest man in St. Louis. He was the President of the American Car and Foundry Company. He was also railroad man. His 45 room Victorian mansion was his. But, he is not the man who built it."Originally built by a Mr Kauffman who built it in the mid 1880's. he was a flour mill owner and became quite wealthy and built this mansion. At the time it covered eight acres. The grounds of Mr. Kaufmann's mansion ran from Kingshighway to Euclid and from Lindell to Maryland so it is quite a large parcel of land." Robert Archibald - Missouri History MuseumIt was not just his home that made William Bixby Grand. After retiring at age 48 he went on to serve as president of Laclede Gas, The Art Museum, Washington University and The Missouri Historical Society. Which along with the University own some of his many private collections. Among them are rare books, artwork and an autograph collection which includes the signatures of British authors Thomas Hardy and Rudyard Kipling.

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