Ross Payton, Birk McBirkinson

A Preamble for Night Clerk Radio

A Preamble for Night Clerk Radio

A poet once described vaporwave  as “It kinda like living in a junkyard but you're in a dystopian future and you find a bunch of VHS tapes and you're the only person in the world and everything is lonely but you have a bunch of weed and you're high all the time and you're in Japan and you're in the sky.”  It’s a little more complicated than that but you get the idea.Birk and I talk about the appeal of music like vaporwave and why we want to explore it. If you’ve been drawn to media outside the mainstream and appreciate art made without commercial consideration by outsiders, perhaps you might like vaporwave. It’s the soundtrack to memories of a lost future. No better time to start listening than today…Related Links-------------The K-Mart TapesSabrepulseStreets of Rage 2 soundtrackSilent Hill 2 soundtrackBoards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy An Abandoned Mall in Birk's home townBabbling Corpse, a book about vaporwaveCry Novel: a visual novel The Vaporwave subreddit-------------Music by: 2Mello Artwork by: Patsy McDowell Ross  on TwitterBirk on TwitterFollow Night Clerk Radio on Twitter for updates  

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