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Discussion On Plunderphonics

Discussion On Plunderphonics

Plunderphonics is a term coined by composer John Oswald in 1985. It describes any music that is constructed by mutating existing audio recordings into entirely new compositions. By making plunderphonic music artists tackle copyright law, fair use, the legitimacy of sampling, and numerous other issues surrounding the production of art in a digital world. Join us as we discuss the history of plunderphonics, how listening to plunderphonic music has shaped our musical tastes and experiences, and how this all relates back to vaporwave. Steal This Episode!Music Sampled-----------------Greyfolded - Grateful Dead & John OswaldPekka Pohjola - Sekoilu Seestyy (Madness Subsides)DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect WorldNEGATIVLAND - U2Related Links-------------"Plunderphonics, or Audio Piracy as a Compositional Prerogative"Why a Canadian Composer’s Controversial 80s Work is Still Ahead of Today's Copyright LawsTake A Byte Out: DJ Shadow, the Avalanches and the History of PlunderphonicsGirl Talk - All DayGeorge Marsh on Drums: Interviewed by Terry McGovernEvery Sample From The Avalanches Since I Left YouDJ Shadow on crate digging in the documentary ScratchCredits--------Music by: 2Mello Artwork by: Patsy McDowell Ross  on TwitterBirk on TwitterFollow Night Clerk Radio on Twitter for updates

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