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Interview with Ron Parres about Vaporspace StL

Interview with Ron Parres about Vaporspace StL

We recently talked to Ron Parres, the organizer behind Vaporspace StL. They are launching a massive online vaporwave concert on May 22 and 23. Find out what the live vaporwave scene was like before Covid and what online concerts are like.  Music Mentioned----------------Sound Market- Eco RegionsExtra Breezy by Bonus PointsSmoker's Lounge Deluxe by Trans World Airlines Related Links-------------VAPORSPACE StL is an IRL & URL concentration of vaporwave and vapor-adjacent artists and their fans. VAPORSPACE StL’s primary mission is producing high-quality music events featuring vaporwave artists, while showcasing the artistic talent in St. Louis and the Midwest.Watch Vaporspace StL on TwitchRon Parres on TwitterCredits--------Music by: 2Mello Artwork by: Patsy McDowell Ross  on TwitterBirk on TwitterFollow Night Clerk Radio on Twitter for updates

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