Ross Payton, Birk McBirkinson

Introduction to Dark Ambient - Miles to Midnight and SOLARIS

Introduction to Dark Ambient - Miles to Midnight and SOLARIS

Vaporwave is haunted music because it’s about being haunted by our recent past and futures they never came. Dark Ambient is haunted because it pulls us into a subtly horrifying realm. It’s a form of catharsis for late night walks, study sessions, and all the quiet nights we experience. These two albums take the listener through haunted hotels and abandoned space stations. Take a listen and try not to get lost.The Albums Miles To MidnightS O L A R I SRelated Links  --------------Dark Ambient: For When You Need to Concentrate… or Meditate on the Nothingness of ExistenceA Cinematic Edge: An Interview with Cryo Chamber Founder Simon Heath Angelo Badalamenti On Writing Laura Palmer's ThemeInterview with Eduard Artemyev, composer for Tarkovsky's SolarisCredits--------Music by: 2Mello Artwork by: Patsy McDowell Ross  on TwitterBirk on TwitterFollow Night Clerk Radio on Twitter for updates

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