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Episode 18 - Sh1t Happens

Episode 18 - Sh1t Happens

Episode 18 Shit Happens, You Deal With It, You Move On. Disaster management. Went out for the last long bike ride. Faceplanted a cattlegrid.  So bit of a twist in this months podcast. No Celtman for me this year as I've had to pull out due to injury and advice given. This episode is about how to occupy yourself when injured and what Louise has been doing. I managed a couple of days away scrambling and climbing with my son Sandy and he tells us what he liked and disliked in a soundbite. There are lot of people doing a lot of events so we've tried to mention a few but next month we'll be back with a bit more planning so give us a shout out and let us know what you're doing in our new segment 'Shout Out Corner' - (Louise might take her Wick sweary word shouting a bit too literal though). Thanks for downloading and please send us your feedback, share the link and spread the word. Follow us on our facebook page my or Louise's Strava pages and  Cheers, Rich & Louise Giving 110% in procrastination!!!

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