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Episode 19 Aftermath Anticlimax

Episode 19 Aftermath Anticlimax

Episode 19 Aftermath Anticlimax. So. After continuing recupriation from a buckled coupon we've had a couple of months off and are now getting a taste for all this exercise again. The fractured eye socket hasn't fully healed but I'm back running and cycling and Louise is reluctently getting into Marathon training. This episode focuses mostly on Mike S's Ultra marathon experience in the Alps along with a shout out for all the folk who have managed to get out and compete and complete their events. If you're into Marathon or Ultra trail running you should find this one interesting. Let us know what you think. Thanks for downloading and please send us your feedback, share the link and spread the word. Follow us on our facebook page my or Louise's Strava pages and  Cheers, Rich & Louise Giving 110% in procrastination!!!

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