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Episode 21 - Nae Drama

Episode 21 - Nae Drama

Episode 21 Nae Drama. So this episode is a longer one than usual as we've recorded our extremely serious and high level review of the drams gained at the Dramathon event... Drams = Nae Drama. #dramathon We've got some other discussion going, reviews and feedback on the Caithness Flag Endura kit #enduracustom , the usual requests, shout outs and other events. But its mostly about the Dramathon, the lead up to it, the event and the fallout afterwards. Taken from the perspective of (Louise) a first time marathon and (Rich) 4th at this distance and picking up training late on for it. No Culls were harmed in the making of this podcast. Follow us on our facebook page my or Louise's Strava pages and  Cheers, Rich & Louise Giving 110% in procrastination!!!

Duration: 1 hr 29 min

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