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Episode 22 Smells Like Dream Spirit

Episode 22 Smells Like Dream Spirit

Episode 22 Smells Like Dream Spirit. Back to reality. A shorty this time. No big events to talk of, but... We have a soundbite from Amy Sutherland and her new venture from which both Louise and Rich have experienced the pain of Strength and Conditioning Circuits. In the hall and in the Forest. Amy has enough motivation to feed an army. Check out her facebook page Refresh Health and Fitness, Caithness. And we have Louise's review and thesis on her extensive research into Wangers' Control. All sizes, colours, shapes and weights discussed. Very interesting for the ladies, and possibly the fella's too. And if that isn't enough to wet your appetite, we have the usual triathlon based format with our Training, Requests, Reviews, Whats worked/not worked, shout out coner and events. No Culls were harmed in the making of this podcast. Follow us on our facebook page my or Louise's Strava pages and  Cheers, Rich & Louise Giving 110% in procrastination!!!

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