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Effective Communication with Mohammad Hasan

Effective Communication with Mohammad Hasan

As leaders, the way we speak and listen to others can make or break the relationships we share with others. In this episode of the podcast, we share a khutbah conducted by Oaktree’s instructor Mohammad Hasan on effective communication. Oaktree Institute is a nonprofit organization focused on leadership and organizational development in the Muslim community. Our mission is to develop value-driven, action-focused, and result-oriented leaders. We serve community leaders, activists, and volunteers working in nonprofit organizations. If you need help with your organization, please email us at requests@oaktreeinstitute.org or schedule a call with us at bitly.com/otimeeting Additional links and contact information: Connect With Oaktree Institute: linktr.ee/oaktreeinstitute or requests@oaktreeinstitute.org Connect With Mohammad Hasan: linktr.ee/mohammadhasan Subscribe to the podcast for more episodes like this one. We release new episodes every Wednesday! Thank you for listening. Apple: bitly.com/oaktree-podcast-apple Android: bitly.com/oaktree-podcast-android --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/oaktreepodcast/message

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