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The Leaders Internal Psyche with Rami Kawas

The Leaders Internal Psyche with Rami Kawas

In this episode of the Oaktree Institute Podcast, Rami Kawas dives into why a leader’s internal psyche should be one of constant growth and how we can accomplish this. Also, what are the three key elements that leaders should be constantly developing. Oaktree Institute is a nonprofit organization focused on leadership and organizational development in the Muslim community. Our mission is to develop value-driven, action-focused, and result-oriented leaders. We train community leaders, activists, and volunteers working in nonprofit organizations.  If you need help with your organization, please email us at requests@oaktreeinstitute.org or schedule a call with us at bitly.com/otimeeting Additional links and contact information: Connect With Oaktree Institute: linktr.ee/oaktreeinstitute Connect With Rami Kawas: linktr.ee/ramikawas Subscribe to the podcast more episodes like this one. We upload new episodes every Wednesday! Apple: bitly.com/oaktree-podcast-apple Android: bitly.com/oaktree-podcast-android JazakAllah Khair for listening! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/oaktreepodcast/message

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