Grape Therapy: Alexis Haines

Grape Therapy: Alexis Haines

Kaitlyn’s Grape Therapy guest is author, podcaster and former reality tv personality, Alexis Haines! Alexis tells Kaitlyn about her role in the “Bling Ring” burglaries and how it landed her a short stint in prison. She talks about trauma from her childhood, how she overcame addiction and eventually opened up a treatment center with her husband. Later, they talk about their favorite reality shows and Alexis shares (with great detail!) a sexy confession! GEICO – Go to geico.com , and in fifteen minutes you could be saving 15% or more on car insurance BEST FIENDS – Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play HYDRANT – For 25% off your first order, go to DrinkHydrant.com/VINE or enter promo code VINE at checkout CALDREA – Get free shipping on orders of $50 or more when you buy online at Caldrea.com 

Duration: 1 hr 28 min

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