10 ways to improve your life as a busy woman

10 ways to improve your life as a busy woman

In the world of #selfhelp and #selfcare it's hard to know what to pick to focus on. As busy women, we understand that putting ourselves first isn't always easy, and sometimes we feel caught on the hamster wheel of life, but it's really important to keep moving forward and improving, so we can be our best selves and feel like we're living the life we're meant to live.   Today you'll learn:  1. Simple tips you can start using TODAY to have a more improved life 2. Why sleep makes you successful 3. A great hack for learning and developing on the go 4. Why thinking ahead will make your life even better 5. Our favorite scheduling tip.. 6. and more of course!   Instead of feeling overwhelmed with where to start, try implementing these 10 things during the week. They are simple and won't take you too much time, but they will improve your life ten fold, we promise.   For more inspiration from your Oh, Well gals, come follow along!  Connect with our Podcast page on Instagram @ohwellpodcast Connect with Danae on Instagram @thesimplifiedmama Connect with Monica on Instagram @dirtybombshells  --- Send in a voice message:

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